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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Virginia \Vir*gin"i*a\, noun One of the States of the United States of America. -- a. Of or pertaining to the State of Virginia.

{Virginia cowslip} (Bot.), the American lungwort ({Mertensia Virginica}).

{Virginia creeper} (Bot.), a common ornamental North American woody vine ({Ampelopsis quinquefolia}), climbing extensively by means of tendrils; -- called also {woodbine}, and {American ivy}. [U. S.]

{Virginia fence}. See {Worm fence}, under {Fence}.

{Virginia nightingale} (Zool.), the cardinal bird. See under {Cardinal}.

{Virginia quail} (Zool.), the bobwhite.

{Virginia reel}, an old English contradance; -- so called in the United States. --Bartlett.

{Virginia stock}. (Bot.) See {Mahon stock}.

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Woodbine \Wood"bine'\, noun [AS. wudubind black ivy; -- so named as binding about trees. See {Wood}, and {Bind}, verb (used with an object)] (Bot.) (a) A climbing plant having flowers of great fragrance ({Lonicera Periclymenum}); the honeysuckle. (b) The Virginia creeper. See {Virginia creeper}, under {Virginia}. [Local, U. S.]

Beatrice, who even now Is couched in the woodbine coverture. --Shak.

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: common North American vine with compound leaves and bluish- black berrylike fruit [syn: {Virginia creeper}, {American ivy}, {woodbine}, {Parthenocissus quinquefolia}]

2: European twining honeysuckle with fragrant red and yellow- white flowers [syn: {woodbine}, {Lonicera periclymenum}]

1. Caduceus  2. Golden Key  3. Scales of Justice (Or maybe, 1. HEALTH 2. SECURITY 3. JUSTICE?)


This URL is being reserved for all of us who have a desire to promote electronic democracy, science, creativity, imagination, reason, critical thinking, peace, race and gender equality, civil rights, equal access to education, personal liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, animal rights, compassionate and nonviolent parenting, social and economic justice, open and transparent government that respects the privacy of all citizens in all cases with the exception of when an individually specific search warrant is issued by a judge who is not a part of a secret court, global monetary reform, secularism, cognitive liberty and a permanent cessation of the War on Drugs.


Telecommunications Act of 1996

From the FCC website, "The Telecommunications Act of 1996 is the first major overhaul of telecommunications law in almost 62 years. The goal of this new law is to let anyone enter any communications business -- to let any communications business compete in any market against any other."


I am a communications business and I want to compete in the C-SPAN HD, C-SPAN2 HD and C-SPAN3 HD online commentary marketplace. Comcast is using it's monopoly position as my cable provider to prevent me from having access to C-SPAN2 HD and C-SPAN3 HD. Therefore, I am unable to compete in the HD Congressional Commentary marketplace. This is bad for DEMOCRACY and it is bad for the INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS in Comcast's service area. This reduces diversity of opinion in the Congressional Commentary marketplace and leads to the American citizens getting their news only from official sources, such as the major broadcast networks, cable networks and movie companies such as the NBC companies.

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