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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Grouper \Group"er\, noun [Corrupted fr. Pg. garupa crupper. Cf. {Garbupa}.] (Zool.) (a) One of several species of valuable food fishes of the genus {Epinephelus}, of the family {Serranid[ae]}, as the red grouper, or brown snapper ({Epinephelus morio}), and the black grouper, or warsaw ({Epinephelus nigritus}), both from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. (b) The tripletail ({Lobotes}). (c) In California, the name is often applied to the rockfishes. [Written also {groper}, {gruper}, and {trooper}.]

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Trooper \Troop"er\, noun

1. A soldier in a body of cavalry; a cavalryman; also, the horse of a cavalryman.

2. A state police officer; -- also called {state trooper}. [U. S.] [PJC]

3. A mounted policeman. [Australia]

Note: The {black troopers} of Queensland are a regiment of aboriginal police, employed chiefly for dispersing wild aborigines who encroach on sheep runs. [Webster 1913 Suppl.]

4. Trouper. [PJC]

{like a trooper}, with energy, endurance, or enthusiasm; as, to work like a trooper.

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: a soldier in a motorized army unit [syn: {cavalryman}, {trooper}]

2: a mounted policeman

3: a state police officer [syn: {trooper}, {state trooper}]

4: a soldier mounted on horseback; "a cavalryman always takes good care of his mount" [syn: {cavalryman}, {trooper}]

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