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Tiptoe \Tip"toe'\, noun; pl. {Tiptoes}. The end, or tip, of the toe.

He must . . . stand on his typtoon [tiptoes]. --Chaucer.

Upon his tiptoes stalketh stately by. --Spenser.

{To be a tiptoe}, {To stand a tiptoe}, {To stand on tiptoe} or {To be on tiptoe}, to be awake or alive to anything; to be roused; to be eager or alert; as, to be a tiptoe with expectation.


I can't believe C-SPAN2 is not in High Definition on Comcast. What year is this? The first video below is U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announcing that he was unable to get Section 215 of the Patriot Act extended. There will be one last attempt to get it extended on Sunday, May 31st before it expires Monday, June 1st.

Mitch McConnell thinks that the U.S. Government should have unlimited access to the telephone call records of every citizen. Who we call, when we call, from what location, every day for the whole populace based on a handful of SECRET warrants. I strongly disagree and believe that this is a clear and unambiguous and blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This is not REASONABLE. This is Orwellian and destructive to DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. The government has no right to know who talks to who for the entire citizenry, and they certainly don't have the right to bulk access to our bank accounts.

Regardless of what kind of legislation Congress sneaks by under cover of the night on Sunday, the warrantless mass surveillance of our telephone call records is illegal now and always has been and always will be. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts and his personally-appointed FISA Court are engaged in a crime, according to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, New York. This is criminal behavior. This man and his SECRET court are committing a crime. They are operating above the law. I am holding them to ACCOUNT for their crimes. I'm not going to let this slide and sweep it under a rug like it never happened. Our PRIVACY has been violated on a nearly unfathomable scale. This is corruption at the highest levels. We need to make some major changes. Do you want these people to have this kind of power? Look at the way the system operates. These are the ones running the show. Shall we discuss this?

I am a FUTURIST who is interested in contributing to the conceptual design and eventual development of a more advanced banking system that eliminates poverty and the need for taxation. I am interested in surveillance when applied to banking, especially in the context of creating a new NONPROFIT online world superbank with the authority to generate electronic capital in the form of crediting producers' ACCOUNTS when the consumers consume their products and services. Abuse of surveillance power is an issue that is very important to me. I am interested in SECURITY and PRIVACY in general, PARTICULARLY with regard to a worldwide payment and banking infrastructure that provides FREE and REAL TIME financial transactions while potentially serving billions of people.

National Security Agency
Fourth Amendment

Here's the Fourth Amendment from the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States:

The right of the people to be SECURE in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon PROBABLE CAUSE, supported by Oath or affirmation, and PARTICULARLY describing the PLACE to be searched, and the PERSONS or things to be seized.
U.S. Constitution Ubiquitous Surveillance
1. Caduceus  2. Golden Key  3. Scales of Justice


This is the set of FIRST PRINCIPLES that I want to plug into my SUPERINTELLIGENT AI. We don't have to fear SUPERINTELLIGENT AI if we constrain it to a finite set of GOALS and PRINCIPLES that will guide all other behavior. This is by no means a perfect or complete set of GOALS, but this is DO NO HARM applied on a global scale. Let the scientists and academics and engineers and doctors and nurses and ethicists add to this list. Interested others are welcome to chime in. I'm one of those. This is me chiming in. This is my wish list for all of the above as a collective whole, hereby referred to as the Genie. There are some amazingly smart people in that bunch.

Humans can do amazing things as a species. Our best and brightest are living treasures. A few supergeniuses go a long way, especially when they are allowed to communicate freely with each other without their associations being monitored by the government. I suggest they combine their brainpower to create a more INTELLIGENT economic system. Please allow me to advance their CAUSES in an unconventional way. We all stand to benefit from these ideas. This is a way we can permanently eliminate debt with INTEREST while creating a funding mechanism to pay for everything that is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

Assume we could get the internet to everybody on Earth for a certain price. It's technologically possible, but will be very costly. So how much will it cost? It would be worth the investment, whatever the cost. Because once we have that, we can automate the banking system and make all its services FREE. Then we can generate VIRTUAL money out of thin air while avoiding inflation computationally and programmatically.


This a good universally PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN foundation that applies the PRINCIPLE of DO NO HARM to the banking system. I do away with poverty and taxes at the same time while providing FREE universal healthcare and a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) worldwide. This is socialism without taxes. This is where Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders meet the Republicans and big business.

Some people say, "Be careful what you wish for." OK, I'm being careful. This is my wish. If a Genie were to suddenly appear to you saying, "I can grant your wishes and SOLVE your problems," would you be prepared to make your wishes? This is my set of GOALS for the Genie to SOLVE. I want the Genie to SOLVE these problems and make these things come to pass, while explaining its SOLUTIONS in laymen's terms:

I want a very large distributed massively parallel supercomputer to SOLVE these global economic problems. It's not quite "All the world's problems," but it's the biggest ones that could be solved by a new FREE online NONPROFIT world bank and worldwide fee-FREE online and retail payment system. This comment is about big money on steroids. This is TOO BIG TO FAIL for good REASONS. Because it's FREE and REAL TIME and it serves a lot of people who depend on it to be working at all times.

I will introduce myself as a CIVIL LIBERTARIAN activist in the context of a short COPYRIGHT discussion that relates to the kaleidoscopes, news and documentary videos on my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/hdcolors. Here I will address the War on Drugs, the U.S.'s Patriot Act, the TOP SECRET Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact and SIGNIFICANT systemic government and financial system corruption.

Again, here's the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States*: "The right of the people to be SECURE in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon PROBABLE CAUSE, supported by Oath or affirmation, and PARTICULARLY describing the PLACE to be searched, and the PERSONS or things to be seized.

Chief Justice John Roberts has been violating the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, that the people shall be SECURE in their effects, except in the case of a warrant PARTICULARLY specifying the PERSON or PLACE to be searched. He is in no position to judge the legality of the domestic mass surveillance of our phone records. His "human relationships" database courtesy of the FISA Court's TOP SECRET interpretation of Section 215 of the Patriot Act is illegal according to a unanimous panel of three judges from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


This is a registered NONPROFIT corporation of an educational nature. It gives a whole new meaning to the term High Definition. This is OPTIMISTIC FUTURISM looking at what we can do now with today's most advanced computing technology. I am describing a central bank that is a kind CREDIT UNION for all the world's citizens and businesses, and especially the poor and middle class and small businesses. If implemented, this would put the for-profit banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, health insurance companies, payment processors and tax collectors out of business.

No more revenue model for PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Their for-profit transaction-fee and interest rate-based revenue model is obsolete in the age of today's massively parallel supercomputers and inexpensive internet-connected merchant terminals. We can salvage their infrastructure and make their services FREE and NONPROFIT. We can save citizens and businesses a lot of money with the little science project on this web page. This takes OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY to a new level that will be hard to match. This is FULL DISCLOSURE.

https://define.com/media/DEFINE.COM.pdf (28 MB)

    1. First and foremost, a central world bank with the authority to create electronic capital would allow us to eliminate coercive taxation.
    2. Secondly, going cashless would allow us to reduce coercive organized crime behaviors such as extortion.
    1. A new worldwide bank would enable direct payments directly to consumers, without having to go through corrupt middle men who siphon off resources.
    2. PIN-protected secure credit cards will allow people the security to protect their resources with a SECRET password that ensures that funds are not easily stolen by fraud and abuse and graft that is common in the Third World.
  3. DEBT
    1. Consolidating the for-profit banking industry into an online NONPROFIT would provide an electronic mechanism to settle all debts, both PRIVATE and PUBLIC.
    1. A new world bank with the authority to create electronic capital would give us the resources to make a 100% worldwide build-out of the internet, spreading knowledge and knowhow and learning resources to the farthest corners of the Earth.
    2. We could literally make Google and all the world's knowledge available to everybody.
    1. Creating a new world bank with the authority to generate electronic capital would give us a funding mechanism for FREE universal healthcare worldwide.
    2. This will give us the ability to develop new pharmaceuticals and gene therapies.
    3. This will give all hospitals the funding to have the latest MRIs and X-ray and sonogram technologies.
    1. Creating a new world bank with the authority to generate electronic capital would enable us to invest in medical research that aims to correct bodily injuries.
    2. This would give us a nearly unlimited budget for investments in nanotechnology, which stands to revolutionize the science of bodily injury repair.
    1. Economic injustice and wealth inequality affects 99% of the world's population. Increasing economic opportunity for the poor and middle class worldwide would increase FREEDOM and CIVIL LIBERTIES everywhere.
    1. Creating a new online world bank with the authority to create electronic capital would enable us to fund the worldwide infrastructure necessary to create an immediate transition away from carbon-based energy.
    2. We would have new resources to invest in green energy worldlwide.
    3. We could finance PUBLIC services and a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) in petrostates, thereby offsetting the negative economic impact of going green.
    1. Creating an all electronic banking system would enable us to set up cashless payment systems that reward producers when consumers consume their products and services even when the consumers don't have money at all.
    2. This would be an entirely new economic system that allows the poor to become consumers.
    3. This would be good for businesses because it would open up new markets worldwide as the poor enter into modernity.
    4. We could establish a locally-specific Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) that ensures a baseline level of spending authority in the hands of all individuals.


I can be reached here: https://youtube.com/hdcolors/about. On my YouTube channel I present some excellent and very high quality educational EXAMPLES for a COPYRIGHT discussion. The content on this web page below here is for thoughtful and analytical and patient people who enjoy reading for their information.

This video might attract people who don't know how to read, but this web page is for readers. I provide a well thought out EXAMPLE for a worldwide banking discussion here. If printed on standard printer paper, this web page would be 74 pages. You are looking at a small heavily illustrated online book in the form of a scroll. Full page screenshots of this page require some pretty tall PNG images. Here is this web page as a .PDF (28 MB).

My artistry is my CANDOR and the way I use WORDS. I am OPEN and TRANSPARENT to a mortal fault. I am too BRAVE for my own good. I feel SAFE while discussing dangerous things and addressing my grievances and suggestions for revolutionary major systemic changes directly to The Powers That Be. I am a canary in a coal mine when it comes to PUBLIC POLICY. I am pushing legal limits here in terms of FREE SPEECH and FAIR USE.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of advanced science who is out in front on these issues because I'm always thinking about the cutting edge and the new opportunties presented by new technologies that have been impossible or unaffordable or unfathomable throughout all of human history until now. We can afford to do some things today that we couldn't afford to do before.

I have some constructive and HUMANITARIAN and egalitarian FIRST PRINCIPLES and some positive and compassionate and pluralistic VALUES. I advocate and argue for a FREE and SECURE and REAL TIME banking system that is accessible to the poor worldwide. This requires developing a funding mechanism for a full worldwide build-out of the internet. That same funding mechanism can pay for FREE universal healthcare without taxation of any kind, as well as providing us with a mechanism to settle all debts, PRIVATE and state. I propose such a funding mechanism below.

This is an EXAMPLE of what you can do with a new global REAL TIME internet-connected distributed supercomputer-based MONETARY SYSTEM. We have the science and technology to do this today. VIRTUAL MONEY NO OBJECT. This is a very high level conceptual DESIGN for a better GAME.

This is my appeal to the scientific and academic and engineering and medical communties. This is a set of GOALS and VALUES presented to them as a creative CHALLENGE for a very constructive worldwide scientific experiment that has the potential to help a lot of people all over the planet.

We can literally eliminate poverty while eliminating all taxes simultaneously without losing any essential services or PUBLIC benefits. To achieve those two GOALS simultaneously would improve the quality of life for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE on Earth. We can make massive worldwide infrastructure upgrades immediately.

We can make a highly automated online bank that is designed from the get go to FREELY serve all the personal and business needs of 7 billion people. We can make very inexpensive internet-connected fee-FREE merchant terminals for every retail business in every country on Earth. We don't need banks to charge transaction fees to businesses for customer credit and debit card transactions.

We can save all retail businesses 2.5% off the top by eliminating those fees wordlwide. We can make secure PIN-protected credit cards without INTEREST rates. We can even make credit cards that don't bill the customer at all. We can eliminate the need for all taxes and INTEREST rates and inflation. You want to be FREE? This is how WE CAN DO IT in a way our forefathers couldn't have dreamed of. There is good reason to be OPTIMISTIC. Our situation can get much better.

OPEN and TRANSPARENT MONETARY SYSTEM WE CAN DO IT The Electromagnetic Spectrum Electromagnetic CREDIT CARD

Before I get into the banking and political discussions, I'll introduce myself and make some up front disclosures in the form of a short COPYRIGHT discussion involving the video above and the videos on my YouTube channel. This provides me a mechanism for introducing myself and disclosing some personal information that may help the reader to form better and more informed critical judgements about what he or she is reading and watching and contemplating.

Copyrighted Roses

This is a short 24 minute test of an Ultra HD flower kaleidoscope with 30 vertices at 120 seconds per image. I slowly rotate the image in 360 degrees over a 12 degree wedge for a 2 minute time period. Some of the images are a little too blurry for Ultra HD and will be dropped from the final product as I replace them with more detailed, clearer and more colorful images. Only a few of these images will be in the final 2-hour product that I sell. This is just a test to give you an idea of what I'm working on next. I'm definitely going to keep the roses in the first image (first 120 seconds). I use these roses as an example in my COPYRIGHT discussion.

1. Caduceus  2. Golden Key  3. Scales of Justice

I recently did a kaleidoscope project in which the number of vertices in the radial kaleidoscope were 7, 15, 30 and 60. The above video is an EXAMPLE of what a 30 looks like with some very high resolution flower images.

The first image in this video is of some royalty-free roses:



I had to license these roses for $100 for the Comprehensive Extended License. They are available royalty-free from multiple distributors and how any individual distributor would recognize the end result I don't know. I will need 60 beautiful royalty-free images in ultra high resolution and 2 hours of royalty-free music to make a 2 hour Ultra HD flower kaleidoscope video. That might be a little too expensive to put on YouTube for free.

Nikon D810


70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II


I thought about buying this camera and lens. I am deeply in debt but I have some available credit and a FICO score of 737. I am in the process of getting out of debt now and I am living rent FREE. I pay $300/month room and board for my food consumption and $138/month for my supplemental health insurance and the rest goes to my credit cards as I am paying them off as quickly as I can. These days, I am very reluctant to spend money I don't have.

Every month JP Morgan Chase Slate Visa gets $700 and my Discover Card gets $525. My interest rate on both of those cards is 12.99%. My monthly INTEREST on the Visa is about $105 as of this writing. I pay $45/month for my unlocked iPhone, $99.98/month to Amazon.com for seller fees, $15.95/month + Postage to stamps.com, $55/month for my car insurance (liability only), about $10/month for Amazon Cloud Storage and $50 to Bernie Sanders. At that burn rate I'll be debt free in about a year.


In addition to PTSD, I have schizoaffective disorder which is like bipolar with schizophrenia. I was on too high of a dose of one of my antidepressants for a decade and as a result, I had frequent manic episodes that involved extravagent spending on credit cards and involuntary hospitalization on 3 occasions. My debt is the result of a severe mental illness. I have severe depression and a permanent psychosis that I manage with $1,262/month in medications that Medicare and Medicaid pay for. For the moment, my income is $1,709/month + about $300/month in kaleidoscope video sales. I should be out of debt in a little over a year.

I live a 100% cashless life with one exception. I use my credit card to pay for everything except weed. I live in Washington State where weed is legal for adults 21 and over. I told my mental health care providers about it. They concur that in the doses I'm using in the frequency and manner I'm using it, that it may be therapeutic and helpful for some of my PTSD symptoms but I have to exercise some degree of self-restraint because it may exacerbate my psychotic symptoms if I use it more than I am.

Some people with PTSD like pot because it makes them feel SAFE and CALM and it enhances their sense of PLEASURE and INTEREST and ability to CONCENTRATE and ELABORATE on positive feelings and novel and constructive INSIGHTS and STRATEGIES. I have to be careful with it because it may make some of my psychotic symptoms worse. So far, I am able to self-regulate. I use it as often as I can, which is half a brownie at 7 pm about 4 times a week. It's $2.50 a dose, which is half a brownie, that lasts for about 5 hours.

This is medical marijuana in Washington State today. My psychosis is in remission, I have to be careful not to relapse because of the pot. I'm taking a medical risk by using pot, but I am approaching it RESPONSIBLY. So far so good. I am reporting my experiences to my mental health providers.

I could buy this camera and lens and then just go to a large flower market and get all my own source images. I'd would need a tripod, a flash and a decent zoom lens, maybe less expensive than the one above. The source images have to be really high definition, at least 4405 pixels on the shortest side if I want to really show off the detail of Ultra HD. This camera captures images that are 7,360 x 4,912 pixels. 4405 is the distance of the diagonal on the 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD image.

The kaleidoscope is a wedge from a circle with the diameter of 4405 taken from the dead center of the image after the image is scaled to 4405 on the shortest side. This is the part of the original COPYRIGHTED image that I use. In this case, at any given time, I am using a 12 degree wedge (3.3% of the total image). If a sophisticated frame-by-frame video analysis were able to reconstruct a part of an original image by sampling a single wedge over time in order to reassemble that circular part of the original image, it is a 4405 diameter circle that they would recover.

They are pretty much unrecognizable by a human in the final product with 30 and 60 vertices in the kaleidoscope. A human can make out the original image with just 7 vertices, such as in this EXAMPLE. At 30 and 60, it's kind of the honor system. At 30 and 60, it would probably take a computerized analysis that reassembles a circle by sampling a wedge over time and stitching them all together in order to recognize and identify the center circle of the source images. It's possible with some good programming but you'd have to be pretty motivated to go through the trouble. Not that some people aren't pretty motivated. Some smart people might do that sort of thing for the fun of it.

I play it safe when I have to but seriously, I can't afford $6000 up front for 60 images. So I'll have to buy this camera and a cheaper lens and/or use my licensing money very carefully. There are a few http://123rf.com images that would look good as flower kaleidoscopes, but not that many.

I'm using this rose image as one EXAMPLE. It's very popular on Google Images, which is where I found it. I think it was worth the money. I can sell this and freely talk about it in the context of a COPYRIGHT discussion at the same time. I have this image in 7,020 x 4,680.

Here it is on Google Images, which is where I found it.

Stop the TPP
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau National Institute of Standards and Technology DELUSIONAL SOLUTIONS IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF
1. Caduceus  2. Golden Key  3. Scales of Justice

Is it delusional to suggest that we create a FREE and REAL TIME online world bank with the authority to create electronic capital that is not debt? I admit that the idea is obviously a little on the grandiose side. This is whole system thinking on a global scale. It's very grandiose. These are big concepts. A change on this scale would affect the life of all citizens everywhere.

Our MONETARY SYSTEM is in serious need of a major technological upgrade. The money is not fairly distributed by a long shot and it is created as debt to banks. The system is totally rigged for the banks based on the whole state-sponsored industry of debt. They make their money out of thin air and share it as debt with INTEREST. That's not the most efficient MONETARY SYSTEM humanity is capable of generating. We can do much better than what we're doing today. We need to design a FREE banking system that is designed to fund the best INTEREST of the economic 99% in a way that the economic 1% will also benefit from.

We don't need new money to be created as debt. You simply create a FREE online world bank and let anybody have an account and credit the producers' accounts when the consumers consume their products and services. It's totally virtual. That would be a much better system than what we have today. It would be better for the producers as it increases the size of their markets while eliminating all taxes and it would be better for consumers as it provides them with virtual capital that gives them access to resources they couldn't previously afford.

You need a router? Credit Cisco and have them ship you a router. It's just a big accounting job. As long as we trust the bank's accounting, we can credit the producers when the consumers consume their products and services. This creates new markets where they once did not exist. Suddenly poor people have greater access to the internet and virtual capital in a way that makes them much less poor and much better educated and cared for. Worldwide FREE universal healthcare, single payer, funded by the bank, where doctors and nurses are very well paid, without taxation or fees of any kind.

First we discuss the bank as a general concept, then we discuss whether or not it would be a goood thing that fits in with our collective VALUES, then we discuss what it would take to create the bank from a computational and networking perspective, including how to make it SECURE, then the people decide whether or not to create the bank, and if they decide to create the bank and agree that they will use it, we create the bank and use the bank to fund a full worldwide build-out of the internet. We should make maximum use of the electromagnic spectrum in terms of data transmission and getting mobile internet signals to remote areas. Once we have the bank, money is no object when it comes to funding anything that is in the PUBLIC INTEREST. We can immediately begin building the necessary infrastructure to phase out carbon energy as soon as possible.


As for what to do with all the bankers and government employees that rely on taxes collected and distributed by Congress, we'll pay off their mortgages, buy out their landlords and give them a sufficient allowance to enable a high quality of life in modernity. If we do that with literally everybody, it lowers the cost of living for every citizen on Earth. Almost everybody makes money and FREEDOM on the deal because we've redefined money to be virtual. We believe in PRIVATE PROPERTY around here. We believe in real residential home and land ownership.

How would the TPP affect those goals? I don't know because I haven't read the TPP because it's TOP SECRET.

We could create mobile payment systems that integrate with all retail structures. Every business, every financial transaction, FREE of charge. No merchant fees for the merchants. No INTEREST rates for the consumers. Access to credit by EVERYONE, conversion to grants being the standard operating procedure.

If the money stays in the same FREE NONPROFIT bank, then taxation is unnecessary and the bank can finance PUBLIC services and massive PUBLIC infrastructure upgrades and universal healthcare with zero taxes.

The best way to redistribute the wealth is to settle all debts, get rid of the for-profit banking, mortgage and insurance industries and create new wealth evenly distributed among the populace to raise the standard of living and lower the cost of living everywhere on planet Earth.

National Security Agency

This is my NONPROFIT domain. I'm doing my part for United States Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, and United States Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. I do my part to block the TPP trade agreement and to prevent the renewal of Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

The unconstitutional warrantless domestic mass surveillance by the United States National Security Agency (N.S.A.) has been ruled illegal by a unanimous panel of appeals judges. The SECRET U.S. FISA court and U.S. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court broke the law and have been operating illegally in SECRET outside of PUBLIC scrutiny and ACCOUNTABILITY.

The human relationships database is unconstitutional. This is major high level corruption and abuse of power. This is J. Edgar Hoover stuff multiplied by 300 million. I am a CIVIL LIBERTARIAN with PTSD (and other disorders). I don't like abuse of power. I am RESPONSIBLE. I hold the The Powers That Be to ACCOUNT.

Scales of Justice
Click here to read The New York Times article about the bulk domestic surveillance being ruled illegal.

I have a STRATEGY for dealing with poverty. It involves creating a FREE online world bank and a fee-FREE internet-based online and retail payment system. Banking as a FREE PUBLIC service. If we created an online world bank that was FREE (FREE and REAL TIME money transfers, no-fee online and retail payment systems) then we could use the bank as the source for all PUBLIC funding. We could end poverty and provide FREE single-payer universal healthcare without taxation of any kind. We could literally pay for anything that is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.


I would love to be the world's banker but I'm afraid I have disqualified myself from serving that role. But I have some suggestions for the designers of the next REAL TIME banking system. I admit to being crazy but there is a method to my madness and my underlying temperament is creative and nonviolent, benevolent and kind, PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN. I have some very good ideas, even if my delivery of them is a bit unconventional. I aim to be HELPFUL and USEFUL. I make an EXAMPLE of myself. I am compelled to TEACH. I like sharing good information. It makes me happy. My intuition is strong. I'm an unconventional thinker. My ideas are different. These proposals are novel.

Golden Key

I am compelled to state and restate the obvious about the state-of-the-art in supercomputing and where that intersects with the banking industry as a whole because nobody else is talking about it and I have a good domain name for serving the purpose of launching a discussion about this subject. I am INTERESTED in re-defining COMMERCE. I would like to see ECONOMIC JUSTICE. I think we can use the internet and advanced supercomputers to make that happen. This is my appeal to the scientific community. Obviously, this is all about PRIVACY and SECURITY.


You can't say this message didn't come with a disclaimer. I just admitted to being crazy. Still I am compelled to share these ideas about a more ideal high tech and automated electronic banking system.

I enjoy FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. I feel SAFE to speak my mind out loud. I speak TRUTH to power. I push the limits of my FREEDOMS in order to advance the cause of FREEDOM in general. I expect that I am under surveillance. I deal with terrorism by putting an end to poverty on a global scale while making the internet ubiquitous.

If I do nothing else, at least I stay on message. I make my point about banking like a ROBOT with no other purpose but to make this single point: banking should be FREE and REAL TIME. There should be no such thing as a transaction fee. 3 days to make an ACH transfer? Sorry, kids, you need to upgrade your infrastructure. The simple TRUTH is that WE CAN DO IT so why aren't we doing it? It would cost less than any war and would provide us with a necessary funding mechanism to finance an immediate transition away from the carbon economy while taking care of all the people who would be economically displaced by that immediate transition.

We can take care of coal miners and people in petrostates. We could do Jubilee for the consumers while repaying all debt at the same time. We can pay off mortgages and buy out landlords while eliminating property taxes and all other taxes. That would lower the cost of living for everybody and provide real ECONOMIC SECURITY and a totally LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. How can you argue with FREEDOM FOR ALL?

This is how I think we can pull it off. The taxation role of nation states would be eliminated while creating a new global internet-based mechanism for PUBLIC funding and FREE and REAL TIME banking. This will affect all banks, all mortgage companies, all health insurance companies and all payment processors. This will affect all citizens - all employers, all employees and all businesses. This is how you reform the entire economy using the worldwide power of the internet and supercomputers. This is how you generate worldwide wealth so you can afford to solve every problem and set everybody FREE.

Social Security Administration

My name is Ken. I live on Social Security Disability. I have a severe mental illness. I am currently receiving $1,709/month from the US TREASURY. The Social Security Disability Trust Fund is running out of money. The Republicans in Congress have legislated that if the funding for Social Security Disability is not re-designed, my benefits will be cut by 19% in 2016, leaving me with $1,384/month. I have Medicare and I pay $138/month for Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD), a Washington State-run Medicaid plan that is a supplemental to the Medicare. Between these two plans, I have 100% medical coverage, with the exception of a $1.20 per medication co-pay on my prescription drugs. The real cost of my 5 conventional monthly medications is $1,262. For all intents and purposes, I have 100% coverage.

I am very critical of my government, but I am also very grateful for it. I share the VALUES of Frances Perkins. I help solve the same problems she does by suggesting a system without taxation of any kind using modern tools that were unavailable to her at her time in history. I help create banking systems that render taxation, the insurance industry, the for-profit banking industry and the for-profit mortgage industry unnecessary.

United States of America Dear Republicans in Congress Dear Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle Sam,

These issues are closely intertwined. Naturally, when considering designing a global REAL TIME banking system with FREE international online and retail payment systems, PRIVACY and SECURITY are paramount concerns. The potential for abuse of such a system for purposes of mass surveillance is strong. However, with respect to that risk if it can somehow be mitigated, such a system potentially solves many of our most difficult and challenging problems, such as ending poverty and providing a global funding mechanism for social services, massive worldwide infrastructure upgrades and FREE universal health care in a system without taxation and a bare minimum of debt, all at zero INTEREST, with conversion to grants being the standard operating procedure.

I'm saying if the world's computer software and hardware geniuses can deliver that product to us for any fee, then that fee is justified and we can pay them with their own money deposited into their accounts in the global FREE bank they design. Where did that money come from? It came from a set of FIRST PRINCIPLES for determining what is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

FIRST PRINCIPLES PUBLIC INTEREST Constitution National Security Fight the Unconstitutional Warrantless Mass Surveillance Section 215 of the Patriot Act PRIVACY SECURITY PRIVATE SECURE
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Below is an e-mail that I got from Elizabeth Warren. It says that this e-mail is Copyright (c) 2015 Elizabeth for MA, All Rights Reserved, but I am reposting here without permission with the e-mail addresses removed. It's on her website here. Her website is not SECURE and placing this e-mail here like this defeats my own website SECURITY. Now Elizabeth Warren's system administrators know the i.p. address of every visitor to DEFINE.COM. So https://define.com is presently not SECURE, until Elizabeth Warren upgrades her website to https. Even her e-mail contact form is insecure. Every message anybody sends to her via her website is unencrypted and can be read by anybody. It's a SECURITY joke.


I like Elizabeth Warren. I think she's looking out for the INTERESTs of the majority of people. She is a fearless champion for the rights of the average citizen and she is very authentic and TRANSPARENT. She wants to strengthen Social Security and break up the big banks. Her heart is in the right place. The economic model is all wrong, but her motivation is PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN.

TRANSPARENT Philanthropic Humanitarian

I'm more for consolidating the banking industry into an automated online NONPROFIT global central bank that provides FREE accounts, FREE credit, FREE money transfers and fee-FREE online and retail payment services. I think my ideas for restructuring the banking industry are even more dramatic and ambitious than hers.

I'd just go as paperless as possible and automate the whole mess and make it FREE on a global scale. We have that power as a species. We can do that. I kid you not. Ask a computer scientist. Let's make this as painless as possible, as they say.

Nonprofit FREE Think BIG

I look to advance the banking industry through advanced computer science and specifically massively parallel supercomputing. Naturally, PRIVACY is a core concern in this banking system and I address my concerns with the unconstitutional Section 215 of the Patriot Act below. If you think government overreach in terms of access to our daily phone records is bad, wait until everybody starts conducting their banking transactions online and the government requests unconstitutional back-door access to that data stream! Such a system will have to be designed to prevent that kind of surreptitious and clandestine abuse of power that we are seeing today.


I am grading my government's performance on OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY. President, Congress and The Supreme Court, while there are those among you whom I would grade an A, overall, on the whole, I am giving you an F. Collectively, with mentioned exceptions, you are a lying, opaque, dysfunctional mess. That is this individual citizen giving his government a grade in OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY.

My government reads my blog. I am addressing you. I would not trust you with advanced nanotechnology and molecular robotics. If the scientists and academics and engineers and doctors and nurses manage to create an automated FREE global banking system, then I suspect that some of your functions will no longer serve the PUBLIC INTEREST.


I'm for a full overhaul of the whole system. I don't want to break up the big banks, I want to use advanced computing and networking technology to render their business model obsolete by providing the same services on a global scale for FREE. I de-emphasize cash and retail vaults while funding a scaled back NONPROFIT infrastructure for the management of cash. I'm into using globally distributed supercomputing technology and full automation to make all electronic banking services FREE and REAL TIME. So my demands of the banking system go a bit beyond Elizabeth Warren's. I think my way is better because it provides a new funding mechanism that pays for all social services, universal health care and massive PUBLIC infrastructure upgrades without taxation of any kind. My way repays all debt in one fell swoop. My way doesn't allow poverty. We're about QUANTUM LEAPS around here. The ideas on this web page represent a metaphorical EXAMPLE of the term, "QUANTUM LEAP."


My name is Ken, I am your resident FUTURIST custodian of this domain. These are my ramblings. This is my journal. I am a JOURNALIST with a severe mental illness. I am a storyteller. This web page is a long story that just keeps going and going and going. There is plenty of repetition and reinforcement. It's musical in its own way. It's a kind of magic scroll. It is artistic and hand-crafted with plenty of attention to detail while being holistic in its PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN vision.

I would love to be the world's banker, but I'm afraid I lack the technical capacity and qualifications to assume the RESPONSIBILITY. But I can get the message out that defines the need and the opportunities and options that we have at our disposal with today's technology. I am happy to relay some ideas that the community of scientists, academics, engineers, doctors and nurses would agree with.

Not So Objective JOURNALIST Philanthropic Humanitarian RESPONSIBILITY

Anyway, I trust Elizabeth Warren's judgement. Morally and ethically and in terms of OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY, I'm confident that she is a good person who is looking out for my best INTERESTs and the greater common good. If there are holes in my plans I'm sure she'd be the first to spot them. She's an academic. I like scientists and academics and engineers and doctors and nurses. My banking system pays for their services. If you are going to start paying for things with magic money generated at the speed of light from fairy dust in a gigantic supercomputer, these are the first industries that you pay out of thin air. This is where you put your first chunk of magic. This is new money that is not created as debt. This is not a loan from the for-profit banking industry. This is not PUBLIC debt. This is hard currency that enters circulation into the greater virtual economy. This is LEGAL TENDER by definition.

Subject: You can't read this
From: Elizabeth Warren
Date: 4/22/2015 8:17 AM
To: Me

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts

Kenneth –

Have you seen what’s in the new TPP trade deal?

Most likely, you haven’t – and don’t bother trying to Google it. The government doesn’t want you to read this massive new trade agreement. It’s TOP SECRET.

Why? Here’s the real answer people have given me: “We can’t make this deal PUBLIC because if the American people saw what was in it, they would be opposed to it.”

If the American people would be opposed to a trade agreement if they saw it, then that agreement should not become the law of the United States.

Let’s send a loud message to our trade officials: No vote on a fast-track for trade agreements until the American people can see what’s in this TPP deal. Sign this petition right now to make the TPP agreement PUBLIC.

The Administration says I’m wrong – that there’s nothing to worry about. They say the deal is nearly done, and they are making a lot of promises about how the deal will affect workers, the environment, and human rights. Promises – but people like you can’t see the actual deal.

For more than two years now, giant corporations have had an enormous amount of access to see the parts of the deal that might affect them and to give their views as negotiations progressed. But the doors stayed locked for the regular people whose jobs are on the line.

If most of the trade deal is good for the American economy, but there’s a provision hidden in the fine print that could help multinational corporations ship American jobs overseas or allow for watering down of environmental or labor rules, fast track would mean that Congress couldn’t write an amendment to fix it. It’s all or nothing.

Before we sign on to rush through a deal like that – no amendments, no delays, no ability to block a bad bill – the American people should get to see what’s in it. 

Sherrod Brown has been leading this fight, and he points out that TPP isn’t classified military intelligence – it’s a trade agreement among 12 countries that control 40% of the world’s economy. A trade agreement that affects jobs, environmental regulations, and whether workers around the globe are treated humanely. It might even affect the new financial rules we put in place after the 2008 crisis. This trade agreement doesn’t matter to just the biggest corporations – it matters to all of us.

When giant corporations get to see the details and the American people don’t, we all lose. Let’s level the playing field: No vote on fast-tracking trade until the PUBLIC can read the TPP deal.

We’ve all seen the tricks and traps that corporations hide in the fine print of contracts. We’ve all seen the provisions they slip into legislation to rig the game in their favor. Now just imagine what they have done working behind closed doors with TPP.

We can’t keep the American people in the dark.

Thank you for being a part of this,










1. Caduceus  2. Golden Key  3. Scales of Justice

This website used to be a dictionary but now I'm using it to post essays about the future. I have a <meta name='ROBOTS' content='NOINDEX, FOLLOW' /> in the HTML source of all the dictionary pages except the home page, as I am removing all of these pages from the search engines. It takes time. As the search engines explore these pages, they will disappear from the search engine indexes and search results. But I want to index the home page: https://define.com. I can't do a /robots.txt "User-Agent:* Disallow /" directive to block the entire website, because I want the home page to be indexed by some search engines while being disallowed for other search engines and bots.

I'm sorry if you reached this website by mistake. If you are INTERESTED in the future, you may find these ideas USEFUL, HELPFUL, CONSTRUCTIVE, BENEFICIAL, RESPONSIBLE, OPEN and TRANSPARENT. These are suggestions for how we could significantly improve our financial situation by eliminating taxes and debt while ending poverty and paying for FREE universal healthcare with the best available and most qualified doctors. I am telling a true story here about how we could go about fixing our system so that we'll have a funding mechanism to pay for everything that is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

We, as a species, can solve the funding problem and end poverty right now with the resources we have at our disposal. We have the technology at hand today to engineer an economic system without taxation of any kind. The goal is to create an economic system that operates smoothly without common and average citizens incurring debt of any kind. We, as a species, want to create an entire economic model that is not based on the creation and maintenance of debt as business model. We are very thankful for our credit card industries, as they have helped commerce run smoothly through some very difficult times, but now we intend to render their services FREE and REAL TIME.


The dictionary definitions are retrieved from a local copy of two of the OPEN SOURCE DICT dictionaries. Click here for the database COPYRIGHT information.

DEFINE.COM is registered as an educational NONPROFIT corporation. Its primary purpose is to effect large scale social change by presenting alternatives that would likely receive super-majority CONSENSUS approval if put up for an honest vote. We aim to please around here. These ideas are designed to be popular. Banking reform and the creation of new global cashless banking systems are major themes on this website. Civil rights and civil liberties are very important to us. We believe in using positive reinforcement to get things done. We make suggestions that are intended to make life more enjoyable. We think about efficiency, automation, SECURITY, PRIVACY, social and ecological RESPONSIBILITY and positive HUMANITARIAN ethics and VALUES. We are benevolent. DO NO HARM is our motto.


What does Hillary Clinton think of the TPP? How does she think we should all pay for health care? What does she think about the concept of an online global FREE automated REAL TIME central banking service that eliminates the need for the for-profit credit and mortgage industries and all taxation. This is a system that enables FREE money transfers that are instantaneous and PRIVATE. As far as government surveillance goes, we're starting from scratch and designing a SECURE online banking system from the ground up. George Bush and John Roberts and James Clapper and Barack Obama and Congress with Section 215 of the Patriot Act screwed us. We have lost our PRIVACY - case closed. We need to redesign the system from the currency on up with PRIVACY in mind.


Why is James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, still in his job after lying to Congress about the warrantless metadata program? That was a major and unconstitutional violation of the citizens' PRIVACY that he committed there. He is an honorable man with good intentions and tough decisions to make, but lying to Congress in an OPEN and recorded hearing is a fireable offense. James Clapper, you were in a tough spot. You had to protect sources and methods and the sources and methods were classified and you weren't thinking on your feet too well at the time. Unfortunately, the PUBLIC should have discussed this prior to its going into effect. We did not CONSENT to this. You did this without the PUBLIC's CONSENT. You just did it in SECRET without asking for permission first. And then you lied about it under oath. That's called perjury. That is a cover-up of unconstitutional activity and official abuse of power.


You used SECRET interpretations of unconstitutional laws to justify your actions. If all of the data that our phone company or ISP has on us is the property of the U.S. Government without a warrant, then we should know that. This isn't something that you keep from the PUBLIC. I'm sorry, you're basically a good man with a shit load of responsibility, but you did something unconstitutional with the best of intentions. You violated the PRIVACY of EVERYONE who uses a telephone. You allowed our President to do something unconstitutional because, morally and ethically and professionally, you thought it was the right thing to do. It was unconstitutional nonetheless. I am holding you and your boss, the President of the United States of America, and the Chief JUSTICE of the Supreme Court of the United States of America ACCOUNTABLE for this.

JUSTICE Accountable

I find this behavior unacceptable and I will clarify my position and offer CONSTRUCTIVE alternatives to the bureaucratic and business entities below. Once you eliminate the need for all taxation and debt while simultaneously ending poverty and providing a mechanism to finance FREE universal health care with the best available and most qualified doctors, the PUBLIC officials seem rather out of place and in over their heads, with all due respect. I know the sensation well. I do not aspire to be a politician. Still, who the hell are these people working for anyway?


James Clapper, caveat emptor. I have a severe mental illness. I don't want your job. I am way beneath you near the bottom of the social, professional, educational and economic ladder. I'm in over my head right here. I am merely an OPEN and TRANSPARENT messenger of some simple ideas and FUTURISTIC concepts about JUSTICE and banking reform. I emphasize words by shouting them in bold then I render the words in Adobe Photoshop and display the sequences and groups as full width titles in my essays. That's what I do. That's my brilliance. That's what makes me different. That's why my essays are different. I emphasize words more than most people do. It's a sign of my mental illness. I have a major disability. I am stuck in the future. I believe that these words deserve special emphasis.


Before my mental illness kicked in, I was a very bright, forward-thinking guy who liked to think about big concepts. Now, I am reduced to being a JOURNALIST and cheerleader for science and medicine. I write about my mental illness, experiences, dreams and perceptions. I try to get my ideas across in a non-threatening and CONSTRUCTIVE way. I have a lot of ideas about how we can significantly improve the quality of life for billions of people. I am a big fan of science and technology. I like to imagine what I would do with supercomputers fast enough to simulate the entire global banking system and all world stock markets in REAL TIME at the same time. For that kind of computer, I have some BENEFICIAL and socially-RESPONSIBLE applications in mind. I Think BIG because I can't help it. I am friendly and kind and principled and ethical and HUMANE and compassionate. I have a strong INTEREST in PRIVACY. Don't get me started on advanced nanotechnology and molecular robotics. I don't want you to have SECRET access to that technology in my name while you're in my service. My neurons are off-limits to you. Sorry, I don't trust you or any politician with that level of technology. RESPONSIBLE scientists working on that technology need to begin planning on how to peacefully phase out your business model. It can be done if you redesign the banking system in terms of heretofore unseen levels of computing power. Not So Objective JOURNALIST CONSTRUCTIVE REAL TIME BENEFICIAL RESPONSIBLE Think BIG Humane PRIVACY OPEN and TRANSPARENT FREE Genie

What about using our science and technology and computer expertise to build a FREE-to-use REAL TIME online central bank and fee-FREE online and retail payment system? Design a bank that gives FREE credit or grants to people who would otherwise have no money so that they can participate in the economy and enjoy life in modernity. Design a banking system to eliminate poverty in general. Design a banking system where the bank pays for all health care and insurance. Figure out a banking system that eliminates the entire for-profit mortgage industry. Make credit cards that don't need to be paid back. Give all land and homes back to the occupants. For one moment in time, eliminate the word "rent." Just buy out all the mortgage companies and landlords and give it all back to the occupants and residents.

Pay doctors well. Eliminate the need for taxation. Re-pay all debts all at once and eliminate the for-profit credit industry for one moment in time all at once. Simply render the whole business model obsolete. Give them their money back, and put it all in the same REAL TIME bank. Let the bankers have their money. They can become philanthropists and invest it in the marketplace directly, as their for-profit banking services are no longer required. We as a species can administer central bank credit for FREE because its in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

Tell Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal that they are all right and correct about the need for convenient payment systems. We have learned their lesson. Electronic payment systems are definitely the way of the future. Thanks for showing us how it's done, we'll take it from here but we'll make it FREE. We can make merchant terminals without transaction fees. As a species, we have that technical capability and scientific prowess today. In a DEMOCRACY, we should demand nothing less.


Certainly, as a species, we can design REAL TIME accounting systems that can scale to serve the whole world. That task, I'd personally have to delegate. I'm fairly smart and have some suggestions and ideas, but technically I'm afraid I have a disability that is preventing me from ever being an expert at anything, with perhaps this one exception among a few others: I know enough about the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to know that it all starts by asking answerable questions. That is my specialty, in addition to emphasizing words. I'm good at asking good questions. Hey all you geniuses, you want some GOALS to figure out? Here are some GOALS. Can we do this? How can we do this? Where do we start? If I had the opportunity to have a talk with a Genie, I'd ask it to design a global banking system according to these VALUES and parameters. FREE. REAL TIME. Ubiquitous. No taxation. No poverty. FREE universal healthcare with the best available and most qualified doctors. This isn't Medicare-for-all I'm talking about here, this is doctors and nurses get paid well straight from the online FREE-to-use REAL TIME central bank. Health care is paid for period. It keeps the economy running smoothly for all. We want all citizens everywhere to be healthy and happy. We don't need taxes. We don't allow poverty in our system.

Virtual Central Bank FREE REAL TIME
1. Caduceus  2. Golden Key  3. Scales of Justice

When it comes to representing the 1% or the other 99%, I'll stick with the 99%, although in the INTEREST of creating an effective CONSENSUS, my cashless banking ideas will also appeal to the 1% and businesses, because the STRATEGIES involve creating new funding mechanisms that allow us to eliminate all taxation while making all banking services FREE and REAL TIME. That means FREE credit that can often be converted to grants. This means FREE money that does not need to be repaid. The objective is to reward producers without indebting the consumers. If you have a totally computerized electronic banking system, you can reward the producers when the consumers consume their products and services without charging the consumers anything at all. You could literally make people totally FREE by converting to an internet based REAL TIME FREE banking system that can scale up to serve the whole planet. This is a PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN set of FIRST PRINCPLES. This is a very positive GOAL for us to set for ourselves. This is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

Philanthropic Humanitarian FIRST PRINCIPLES GOAL PUBLIC INTEREST Accountability PRIVACY FREE SPEECH FREEDOM OF THE PRESS OPEN and TRANSPARENT economic opportunity Say "Hell No!" to the <b>TPP</b>. PUBLIC INTEREST

Click here to read Wikileaks' TPP Investment Chapter: TPP Investment Chapter'>https://wikileaks.org/tpp-investment/press.html. This agreement is being kept SECRET from the world PUBLIC for a good reason. It is decidedly NOT in the PUBLIC INTEREST. This is an EXAMPLE of the high level government corruption that results when diplomatic and intelligence processes are NOT OPEN and TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE. This is an example of a product of too much secrecy. It is naked corruption.


Barack Obama, I thought you were supposed to be THE MOST OPEN and TRANSPARENT administration by all reasonable measures. "HOPE" and "CHANGE," you promised during your campaigns. You disappoint me with this TPP. This is overtly and blatantly SECRET at the expense of the vast majority of taxpaying citizens. You are NOT OPEN and TRANSPARENT. This is blatant corruption. This is NOT in the PUBLIC INTEREST. You come across to me as very kind and thoughtful and charming and insightful and benevolent on the surface, and you are first class idea salesman and a powerful and persuasive motivational speaker, but there is no way in Hell that you could sell this TPP to the American people if you were OPEN and TRANSPARENT about it. In order to sneak this past us, you will have to lie to us. You have shown yourself to be willing to do this in the past. It is standard operating procedure for you now and it is something you are clearly comfortable with. I don't trust your word on the TPP, I want the PUBLIC to see this agreement before we Fast Track anything.

You are intentionally and willfully keeping the PUBLIC in the dark about this. Just like when you told the American people that their "meta data" didn't contain any personally identifying information. They actually bought that. You fed them one level of database abstraction and they failed to connect the dots to themselves. You intentionally confused them into thinking that the data was anonymous. You said the data doesn't include your name and address. As if you don't know exactly what citizen and home address the phone number belongs to, just who the citizen called, when and for how long. You have our friendships and business contacts mapped in a database at your disposal without a warrant. That's unconstitutional. Thank you for setting the PUBLIC straight on that one. It's good to have an informed populace, don't you think?

James Clapper lies to Congress, gets caught, keeps his job. That's corruption. The man lied to Congress. He lied to the American PUBLIC while he violated their PRIVACY en masse. And you let him get away with it and you continued the violation without the citizens' informed CONSENT. You simply lied to them with some abstractions and soothed them to calm their fears about their PRIVACY having been violated in a major way made legal only by SECRET interpretation of corrupt and unconstitutional laws. I'm sorry, you have failed the populist integrity test. You don't get that kind of power. The Constitution forbids it. I am holding you ACCOUNTABLE.


Hillary Clinton,

  1. What is your position on the TPP?
  2. Do you have a hand in this mess?
  3. Are you in on this?
  4. Can you take credit for some of this?
  5. What do you know about this?
  6. Wikileaks doesn't always do the right thing. I don't agree with their publishing of the Sony e-mails. But I think they're doing the right thing by publishing the TPP documents. What do you have to say about it, as a potential Commander in Chief?
  7. Do you think this is a good idea or not as written here: https://wikileaks.org/tpp-investment/WikiLeaks-TPP-Investment-Chapter/page-1.html?
  8. Is this in the PUBLIC INTEREST?
  9. Here it is in black and white. Corruption enshrined in the world's biggest trade deal which is totally SECRET and hidden from the public. Elizabeth Warren thinks this is a bad deal. What do you think?
  10. Is this a RESPONSIBLE question for we citizens to ask of you?
  11. "Fast-Track" my ass! This deal sucks for ordinary citizens and taxpayers. That's my opinion. I'd like to know yours. You don't get to keep your opinion a SECRET on this one. We have a need to know where you stand on this. Are you totally corrupt or not?
  12. This should be a no-brainer. The longer you remain silent on this, the more I suspect that you support this TPP. The people have spoken. Now we know. What does Hillary Clinton think of the TPP?
  13. When I get it on tape I'll post it on my YouTube channel. Just how stupid do you think we are?
  14. Are you going to try to sell this to us? Why aren't you doing anything to put a stop to this? What about OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY? Who the Hell do you work for, anyway?
  15. Are you actually a psychopath or do you give a shit about ordinary people?
  16. Do you expect taxpayers to start paying corporations for lost profits?

I give a shit about ordinary people. Say, "Hell No!" to the TPP.

P.S., I'm not a politician. I have a severe mental illness that will prevent me from ever holding PUBLIC office. I've given a lot of thought as to whether or not I am a psychopath. I think I care way too much about people to be a psychopath. I think about things differently and I admit to having delusions. But I am kind and empathetic and compassionate at heart. I am crazy but I'm basically a good guy who deserves to be FREE.

PUBLIC INTEREST RESPONSIBILITY FREE OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY Say "Hell No!" to the TPP. Accountable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Constitutional expert? John Roberts, I'm sorry, you and your FISA judges made a big unconstitutional mistake. You are authorizing and condoning illegal search and seizure. Citizens United should have been a tip-off, but sir, you are certainly corrupt. Your SECRET courts are corrupt and unconstitutional. Your warrantless surveillance is illegal. If I were to design a better world banking system, I certainly wouldn't make it ACCOUNTABLE to you. You abuse your power and willfully allow others to abuse their power. You are corrupt. You are Mr. Warrantless Ubiquitous Surveillance.

My phone calls are PRIVATE, thank you very much. None of your business without a warrant specifically specifying the person or place to be searched. The place is not whole the phone company. The person is not EVERYONE who uses a phone. Sorry all you security geniuses, that's not constitutional. So much for your SECRET FISA court system. I believe the F stands for Foreign. How's that working out for us?

PRIVATE Constitution Philanthropic Jannet Yellen, the Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Janet Yellen, what do you think about a whole new world central banking model in which the producers are rewarded without charging the consumers by keeping all the money in the same online FREE central bank that pays for all products and services? Why create new money as debt? That is an undemocratic business model. It is not in the PUBLIC INTEREST when less expensive, high technology and more direct alternatives are available. We have the technology to administer central bank credit directly to consumers for FREE. We don't need a for-profit credit industry for most legitimate commerce. If the money never leaves the same bank, then debt repayment and taxes are unnecessary. This is a PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN, NONPROFIT, REAL TIME banking system.

This is an entire banking system that is not based on the manufacturing and maintenance of debt as a business model. We can retire the debt RESPONSIBLY with a little bit of supercomputing. The most efficient way to deal with all the debt is to settle all the accounts electronically. That is the path of least social disruption. You simply create a virtual bank and settle all the debts and get the citizens to agree to honor that currency in whatever marketplace. Create all the accounts. Credit the creditors for all the debtors' debts. Case closed. Ask the consumers if they'd be willing to honor this currency. I'll bet they'd be cool with it if you set it all up with maximum FREEDOM and LIBERTY and PRIVACY. The status quo has to go. With all due respect to a wonderful and brilliant person, technology has this problem solved already.

Golden Key
The Law of The Land Caduceus Scales of Justice

In summary:

These are the kinds of things that I talk about. I am a very Liberal Constitutionalist who devises global banking systems to directly address poverty and the need for quality health care for all in a FREE and REAL TIME banking system without taxation. I like thinking about how we can use massively parallel global scale supercomputers to completely automate and render FREE the entire banking industry. We need to totally rethink the MONETARY SYSTEM in terms of infinite computing power.

What if the internet was ubiquitous? Economically speaking, what would that enable? From the standpoint of the banking system, what new opportunities does this new model present? Are these ideas good for business or not? Does this create new markets or not? Are these ideas good for humanity in general? Is this website serving the PUBLIC INTEREST or am I just a delusional spam bot or internet troll with delusions of grandiosity and delusions of being controlled? I do not think that I'm a psychopath.

Generally speaking, I try to be HELPFUL and USEFUL. We aim to please around here. We are benevolent. DO NO HARM is our motto. How can I use my power for good? I will do my best to relay information from others who I respect. So you have a bank with a hundred billion accounts. The GOAL: Reward the producers without indebting the consumers. Just make sure everybody has working capital. Get rid of all the debt up front. Sorry, kids, that game sucked. We're starting over. The status quo has to go. We have lost our PRIVACY. This is designing something that is TOO BIG TO FAIL for the right reasons, because it's FREE and it's an instrument of FREEDOM, not slavery. This is what we need our scientists and engineers and academics to design for us. That will be my request of the Genie the next time we meet. Our Genies share their know-how. They explain themselves and teach you to understand their reasoning.

Genie economic opportunity I quit that game. I SURRENDER OPEN and TRANSPARENT Monetary System TRADING SYSTEM Stock Market LEGAL TENDER Virtual Central Bank

I am passive, yet I am an activist. Peaceful in every way. Don't get me started on my childhood exposure to guns and guts. I learned empathy later in life. As a kid in a family of sport hunters where childhood rites of passage were rewarded with increasingly deadly rifles, I was an unabashed and remorseless killing machine. I was a ruthless, calculating sport hunter destroying life forms for the sheer fun and challenge of it from the age of 9. Lizards. Birds. Squirrels. Rattlesnakes. "Way to go! Good shot!" From the standpoint of these creatures, I am a mass murderer. I killed these animals for target practice.

After I moved out, however, I came to know compassion and empathy in a slightly different way, and developed remorse and shame about my childhood ignorance and learned insensitivity. I have done a lot of thinking about whether or not I am a psychopath. I see every animal as a sacred being with every right to continue experiencing a HUMANE and rewarding life as I possess myself. I don't kill flies. I capture them and put them outside. I don't like killing things. I have outgrown sport hunting. Factory farming is anathema to civilization. That is no way to treat a cow or a pig or a chicken or a turkey. I am sorry all you factory farmers, you are not Gods. Cows eat grass, not corn and other cows. Pigs have strong legs because they are supposed to move around all day long.

Do I fit the terrorist profile now or not? I am a conscientious environmentalist and compassionate animal rights activist. I still eat meat but I go for free range organic. Hitler was a vegetarian with big social plans. I have a German last name. Here is PETA on Sport Hunting.

I support EFF and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and banking reform on a nearly unfathomable scale. Am I an extremist? Am I a left-wing radical? Am I a right-wing reactionary? Sort of like a Libertarian Socialist but totally in support of returning the PRIVATE property to the occupants and residents and creating a virtual banking system that eliminates the need for taxation and debt while simultaneously eliminating poverty and providing FREE universal health care with doctors and nurses who make good money.

We have the technology today to render the whole banking, insurance and taxation business models obsolete. We can certainly reward the producers without indebting the consumers. We have that accounting capacity as a species. It's data in a supercomputer. We can program that functionality into the system. We don't need for-profit banks to hold all the mortgages. That industry is obsolete.

Let's lower the cost of living by giving everybody their homes and land and getting rid of taxes and debt altogether. We can take care of all the bankers and coal miners while rendering their industries unnecessary. We aim to please around here. We believe in using positive reinforcement to get things done. We is the better nature of the human species. We is We the People. Can we do this? Yes We Can. I have faith in humanity as a whole. As a species, we are very smart.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the banking and taxation industries, we are presently mismanaged. The best and brightest among us can accomplish amazing things when given a set of GOALS and VALUES and FIRST PRINCIPLES. These are mine. These are my PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN suggestions for the SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY as a whole and the PUBLIC at large. This is what I think we should do to solve the problems we have with debt, government corruption, poverty, health care and the environment.


Friday, May 29, 2015 8:24:29 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)