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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Reader \Read"er\ (r[=e]d"[~e]r), noun [AS. r[=ae]dere.]

1. One who reads. Specifically: (a) One whose distinctive office is to read prayers in a church. (b) (University of Oxford, Eng.) One who reads lectures on scientific subjects. --Lyell. (c) A proof reader. (d) One who reads manuscripts offered for publication and advises regarding their merit.

2. One who reads much; one who is studious.

3. A book containing a selection of extracts for exercises in reading; an elementary book for practice in a language; a reading book.

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: a person who enjoys reading

2: someone who contracts to receive and pay for a service or a certain number of issues of a publication [syn: {subscriber}, {reader}]

3: a person who can read; a literate person

4: someone who reads manuscripts and judges their suitability for publication [syn: {reviewer}, {referee}, {reader}]

5: someone who reads proof in order to find errors and mark corrections [syn: {proofreader}, {reader}]

6: someone who reads the lessons in a church service; someone ordained in a minor order of the Roman Catholic Church [syn: {lector}, {reader}]

7: a public lecturer at certain universities [syn: {lector}, {lecturer}, {reader}]

8: one of a series of texts for students learning to read

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