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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Internal \In*tern"al\, adjective [L. internus; akin to interior. See {Interior}.]

1. Inward; interior; being within any limit or surface; inclosed; -- opposed to {external}; as, the internal parts of a body, or of the earth.

2. Derived from, or dependent on, the thing itself; inherent; as, the internal evidence of the divine origin of the Scriptures.

3. Pertaining to its own affairs or interests; especially, (said of a country) domestic, as opposed to {foreign}; as, internal trade; internal troubles or war.

4. Pertaining to the inner being or the heart; spiritual.

With our Savior, internal purity is everything. --Paley.

5. Intrinsic; inherent; real. [R.]

The internal rectitude of our actions in the sight of God. --Rogers.

6. (Anat.) Lying toward the mesial plane; mesial.

{Internal angle} (Geom.), an interior angle. See under {Interior}.

{Internal gear} (Mach.), a gear in which the teeth project inward from the rim instead of outward.

Syn: Inner; interior; inward; inland; inside. Internal-combustion

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface; "internal organs"; "internal mechanism of a toy"; "internal party maneuvering" [ant: {external}]

2: occurring within an institution or community; "intragroup squabbling within the corporation" [syn: {internal}, {intragroup}]

3: inside the country; "the British Home Office has broader responsibilities than the United States Department of the Interior"; "the nation's internal politics" [syn: {home(a)}, {interior(a)}, {internal}, {national}]

4: located inward; "Beethoven's manuscript looks like a bloody record of a tremendous inner battle"- Leonard Bernstein; "she thinks she has no soul, no interior life, but the truth is that she has no access to it"- David Denby; "an internal sense of rightousness"- A.R.Gurney,Jr. [syn: {inner}, {interior}, {internal}]

5: innermost or essential; "the inner logic of Cubism"; "the internal contradictions of the theory"; "the intimate structure of matter" [syn: {inner}, {internal}, {intimate}]

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