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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Fling \Fling\ (fl[i^]ng), verb (used with an object) [imp. & p. p. {Flung} (fl[u^]ng); p. pr. & vb. n. {Flinging}.] [OE. flingen, flengen, to rush, hurl; cf. Icel. flengia to whip, ride furiously, OSw. flenga to strike, Sw. fl[aum]nga to romp, Dan. flenge to slash.]

1. To cast, send, to throw from the hand; to hurl; to dart; to emit with violence as if thrown from the hand; as, to fing a stone into the pond.

'T is Fate that flings the dice: and, as she flings, Of kings makes peasants, and of peasants kings. --Dryden.

He . . . like Jove, his lighting flung. --Dryden.

I know thy generous temper well. Fling but the appearance of dishonor on it, It straight takes fire. --Addison.

2. To shed forth; to emit; to scatter.

The sun begins to fling His flaring beams. --Milton.

Every beam new transient colors flings. --Pope.

3. To throw; to hurl; to throw off or down; to prostrate; hence, to baffle; to defeat; as, to fling a party in litigation.

His horse started, flung him, and fell upon him. --Walpole.

{To fling about}, to throw on all sides; to scatter.

{To fling away}, to reject; to discard.

Cromwell, I charge thee, fling away ambition. --Shak.

{To fling down}. (a) To throw to the ground; esp., to throw in defiance, as formerly knights cast a glove into the arena as a challenge.

This question so flung down before the guests, . . . Was handed over by consent of all To me who had not spoken. --Tennyson. (b) To overturn; to demolish; to ruin.

{To fling in}, to throw in; not to charge in an account; as, in settling accounts, one party flings in a small sum, or a few days' work.

{To fling off}, to baffle in the chase; to defeat of prey; also, to get rid of. --Addison.

{To fling open}, to throw open; to open suddenly or with violence; as, to fling open a door.

{To fling out}, to utter; to speak in an abrupt or harsh manner; as, to fling out hard words against another.

{To fling up}, to relinquish; to abandon; as, to fling up a design.

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