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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Condensation \Con'den*sa"tion\, noun [L. condensatio: cf. F. condensation.]

1. The act or process of condensing or of being condensed; the state of being condensed.

He [Goldsmith] was a great and perhaps an unequaled master of the arts of selection and condensation. --Macaulay.

2. (Physics) The act or process of reducing, by depression of temperature or increase of pressure, etc., to another and denser form, as gas to the condition of a liquid or steam to water.

3. (Chem.) A rearrangement or concentration of the different constituents of one or more substances into a distinct and definite compound of greater complexity and molecular weight, often resulting in an increase of density, as the condensation of oxygen into ozone, or of acetone into mesitylene.

{Condensation product} (Chem.), a substance obtained by the polymerization of one substance, or by the union of two or more, with or without separation of some unimportant side products.

{Surface condensation}, the system of condensing steam by contact with cold metallic surfaces, in distinction from condensation by the injection of cold water.

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: (psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two ideas or images combine into a single symbol; especially in dreams

2: the process of changing from a gaseous to a liquid or solid state

3: atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold [syn: {condensation}, {condensate}]

4: the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together; "the contraction of a gas on cooling" [syn: {compression}, {condensation}, {contraction}]

5: a shortened version of a written work [syn: {condensation}, {abridgement}, {abridgment}, {capsule}]

6: the act of increasing the density of something [syn: {condensing}, {condensation}]

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