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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Depression \De*pres"sion\, noun [L. depressio: cf. F. d['e]pression.]

1. The act of depressing.

2. The state of being depressed; a sinking.

3. A falling in of the surface; a sinking below its true place; a cavity or hollow; as, roughness consists in little protuberances and depressions.

4. Humiliation; abasement, as of pride.

5. Dejection; despondency; lowness.

In a great depression of spirit. --Baker.

6. Diminution, as of trade, etc.; inactivity; dullness.

7. (Astron.) The angular distance of a celestial object below the horizon.

8. (Math.) The operation of reducing to a lower degree; -- said of equations.

9. (Surg.) A method of operating for cataract; couching. See {Couch}, verb (used with an object), 8.

{Angle of depression} (Geod.), one which a descending line makes with a horizontal plane.

{Depression of the dewpoint} (Meteor.), the number of degrees that the dew-point is lower than the actual temperature of the atmosphere.

{Depression of the pole}, its apparent sinking, as the spectator goes toward the equator.

{Depression of the visible horizon}. (Astron.) Same as {Dip of the horizon}, under {Dip}.

Syn: Abasement; reduction; sinking; fall; humiliation; dejection; melancholy.

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity [ant: {elation}]

2: a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment [syn: {depression}, {slump}, {economic crisis}]

3: a sunken or depressed geological formation [syn: {natural depression}, {depression}] [ant: {elevation}, {natural elevation}]

4: sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy

5: a period during the 1930s when there was a worldwide economic depression and mass unemployment [syn: {Depression}, {Great Depression}]

6: an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation; "a low moved in over night bringing sleet and snow" [syn: {low}, {depression}]

7: a state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention [syn: {depressive disorder}, {clinical depression}, {depression}]

8: a concavity in a surface produced by pressing; "he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud" [syn: {depression}, {impression}, {imprint}]

9: angular distance below the horizon (especially of a celestial object)

10: pushing down; "depression of the space bar on the typewriter"

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