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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Angel \An"gel\, noun [AS. [ae]ngel, engel, influenced by OF. angele, angle, F. ange. Both the AS. and the OF. words are from L. angelus, Gr. 'a'ggelos messenger, a messenger of God, an angel.]

1. A messenger. [R.]

The dear good angel of the Spring, The nightingale. --B. Jonson.

2. A spiritual, celestial being, superior to man in power and intelligence. In the Scriptures the angels appear as God's messengers.

O, welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings. --Milton.

3. One of a class of "fallen angels;" an evil spirit; as, the devil and his angels.

4. A minister or pastor of a church, as in the Seven Asiatic churches. [Archaic]

Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write. --Rev. ii. 1.

5. Attendant spirit; genius; demon. --Shak.

6. An appellation given to a person supposed to be of angelic goodness or loveliness; a darling.

When pain and anguish wring the brow, A ministering angel thou. --Sir W. Scott.

7. (Numis.) An ancient gold coin of England, bearing the figure of the archangel Michael. It varied in value from 6s. 8d. to 10s. --Amer. Cyc.

Note: Angel is sometimes used adjectively; as, angel grace; angel whiteness.

{Angel bed}, a bed without posts.

{Angel fish}. (Zool.) (a) A species of shark ({Squatina angelus}) from six to eight feet long, found on the coasts of Europe and North America. It takes its name from its pectoral fins, which are very large and extend horizontally like wings when spread. (b) One of several species of compressed, bright colored fishes warm seas, belonging to the family {Ch[ae]todontid[ae]}.

{Angel gold}, standard gold. [Obs.] --Fuller.

{Angel shark}. See {Angel fish}.

{Angel shot} (Mil.), a kind of chain shot.

{Angel water}, a perfumed liquid made at first chiefly from angelica; afterwards containing rose, myrtle, and orange-flower waters, with ambergris, etc. [Obs.]

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:



1: spiritual being attendant upon God

2: person of exceptional holiness [syn: {saint}, {holy man}, {holy person}, {angel}]

3: invests in a theatrical production [syn: {angel}, {backer}]

4: the highest waterfall; has more than one leap; flow varies seasonally [syn: {Angel}, {Angel Falls}]

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